Virtual Classrooms offer an alternative solution serving a global audience. These are highly cost-effective, totally customizable and easy to manage and assess.

By transforming training courses to virtual classrooms you will save time and money.

You can benefit from:

      • Online courses that can be taken in synchronous (instructor-led) mode which directly simulates the traditional classroom online but easier to track.

  • Classroom simulations accessed in asynchronous (self-paced) sessions via link or download. Learners can access learning wherever or whenever they prefer, day or night, weekends or holidays to better accommodate busy schedules.

  • Online training is as mobile as your learners. Learning can take place on the road, at home, or any other place there is an Internet-accessible by computer, iPads, Tablets and Smart Phones.

  • Online training is more affordable than traditional classroom training, with savings of 50% or more.


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