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What people are saying about Learning Appeal:

Learning Appeal is an incredible gift to Shape Up US and myself! Learning Appeal is creating our entire suite of e-learning lessons for our Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children. They “Walk Their Talk”! They do 1000% of what they say they will accomplish and don’t quit until their client is satisfied with the completion and outcome of the project!

Thank you for your extraordinary visions, flexibility, resilience and awe-inspiring positive energy to making our program, The Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children the BEST it can possiblely be! Shape Up US and myself are extremely blessed to know and work with you!

Jyl Steinback, Executive Director

You've done a great job managing multiple, complex projects that had some tough SMEs and deadlines. You handled all of them with exceptional grace and professionalism. You deserve a pat on the back for it.

Client Testimonial, Training Manager-Americas

Learning Appeal's artistic interpretation of our unique content makes our program distinctive, easy-to-understand and fun to learn. Your work has made the Hip Hop Healthy Heart Program for Children™ in a class by itself.

Thank you for your expertise and vision.

Holly Rudin-Braschi, Executive VP Programming

“Learning Appeal partnered with me on the development of aspects of training curriculum for our international service-delivery team and for our Global Service Platform (database).They are consumate professionals who truly understand that collaboration is the key to developing an effective training program. Their writing is clear and concise and the curricula easy to follow and facilitate.

Lisa Lovell, Associate Manager

“Susan is one of the rare few who come along in one's lifetime that can be counted upon as a true mentor. Professional from start to finish in everything she does. She freely shares her wealth of knowledge yet is always seeking to add more to her toolbox. In my opinion, one of her greatest qualities is how she so easily reads people and business situations. She consistently got ahead of issues before they hit the table. It was both uncanny to see and exciting to witness how she would spot potential conflicts before they arose, eased group and individual tensions through her consultative questioning, and geared all members towards the necessary results and common goals. She can be counted on to deal with not just the project logistics but the various personalities.”

Christopher Cox, eLearning Specialist

“Susan Woodrow is an incredible Instructional Designer. She designed the courses that I would facilitate. Her courses and materials were so well laid out, and so professionally done, that it made my job as a trainer stress free. She has an uncanny ability to be able to take difficult subjects and topics and break them down so they are easily taught (and more importantly) easily understood by the participants. She is highly adaptive in her design work. I knew her material would be of the top-most quality.”

Ross Thomas, Training Specialist

“Susan Woodrow epitomizes the highest standards in training and instructional design. She is equally at home with groups of 200 or just a few participants. She presents her materials in a clear, yet very warm and human manner, and incorporates job aids, examples, or group interactions as needed to reinforce her teaching. From Needs Assessment through Post Mortem, Susan is organized and in touch with her customer to ensure delivery of the very best training product. Susan is very aware of the importance of assessments and evaluations. Susan is the "Complete Package" as she can provide the design, delivery and assessment needed for a complete training program.”

Martha Bennett, Training Specialist

“Susan and I were involved in a cost avoidance/ productivity improvement project. The team goal was to reduce, combine, and improve training materials and user guides. The team identified a method to reduce document creation by 33% and share developing the materials across three teams without duplication. During this project, Susan was an enthusiastic participant, positive in her approach to melding work efforts, and willing to take any task assigned. I always find Susan to be professional, upbeat, and ready to meet a challenge.”

Kathryn McKibben, Content Manager

“Learning Appeal had the formidable task of managing the design, development, and maintenance of our new hire program. In their redesign, they reduced the length of training, improved the design greatly, and did all this under very tight deadlines. Throughout this time, they maintained a calm, organized presence as well as their humor. They would be an asset to any organization!”

Susan Keen, Senior Instructional Designer